One minute and thirty-five seconds into this podcast (the RobCast, by Rob Bell) you would hear Peter Rollins say this: 

When you love, life is meaningful.  It doesn’t matter if you believe it’s meaningful or you believe it’s meaningless.  Utterly irrelevant.

If you love, you just cannot help but experience the world as meaningful.  A meal is like communion.  Walking through a forest is like an engagement with the existence of the world.  Drinking becomes a way of connecting with the people you are with.

Whereas when you are not in love, eating is just for fuel; walking is just to get from A to B.

So there is something about love that renders the world sublime, and meaningful, and beautiful.

And then there is more, including some dark stuff that’s a bit hard to swallow.

This relates to my earlier post, Unmaking.  I’ll stop soon :-).

3 thoughts on “Rendering

    1. Yes, definitely. I like to imagine that my readers, many of them mystics and seekers of uncertain affiliations, may delight in his voice and wisdom, just like I did when I stumbled upon them


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