Yulia. Travel. Jewels.

Adopted from a speech given in 2011 at my home club

What’s so precious about travel that we don’t mind spending lots of money, hauling heavy bags, getting hassled at airports, sleeping in strange beds?  In 2010, I was to travel to the UK for work the week after Thanksgiving.   Continue reading “Yulia. Travel. Jewels.”

The Beginning of Tango

It all began when Bill went to Iraq.  Bill was tall, young, smart, handsome, recently single, and down-to-earth – for a software engineer anyway.  I don’t recall Bill ever going to those video game parties the other guys were so fond of.

At Karen’s ballroom dance class in College Park, a girl introduced herself to Bill: “My name is Honey.  As something sweet.”  Bill responded: Continue reading “The Beginning of Tango”