The waiting room is the Live Oak lodge’s porch.  I wait, slouched on a wooden chair, feet up on the railing, gaze North East and skyward.  To my left, UMa is dipping big time; straight ahead, the Cassiopeia is rising, Perseus follows her.  The Saturn has gone direct today, or so the shaman said.

A meteor shoots just over the horizon.  Soon there will be more of them.  Sunny walks out of the lodge.   “You are up,” she says.  Into the lodge, and up the stairs, to the loft, I go. Continue reading “Healing”

The Demiurge Should Not

Le démiurge ne doit pas se pomener selon les jardins

Демиург не должен гулять по своим садам, – послушно прочитал портье.  И уже от себя добавил: – Почему это – не должен? И кто, интересно, ему запретит?

Макс Фрай, Большая телега

Ursa Major constellation detail map

Большая телега – The Great Wain – from Wikimedia Commons

Translation (by yours truly): Continue reading “The Demiurge Should Not”