Gratitude, Contentment, Heat

A couple of years ago, a communication coach at my desk job suggested starting a gratitude practice. I’ve heard of the concept before, and even after Kathleen the coach explained her own and her family’s gratitude practice to me, it seemed a bit out there. First of all, not like I am ungrateful or anything, am I? I know I am lucky and all that. What difference cataloguing the body parts that work and such in a journal would make?

Still, Kathleen was a truly gifted coach and a loveliest person, so even though I dismissed the idea as a suggestion to not follow, it got put aside in a not too far away corner of my brain. This post is about what happened when the time came to bring it back up and put it to work. Continue reading “Gratitude, Contentment, Heat”

Satya and Looking for a Job while You Have One (or Not)

I am taking an online course called “Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga” with Janet Stone right now. The second week was dedicated to Satya, “truthfulness”, and it was released to us the students the day I turned in my resignation at work.

Around the same time, I heard somebody state: “It’s always better to look for a job while you still have one.” It wasn’t said to me directly and the person saying that wasn’t aware of my circumstances, so I just privately found that amusing. Is it always better? Always better?

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