Planetary Conflagration

“In biological terms, <Jamestown> marked the point where before turned into after.  Setting up camp on the marshy Jamestown peninsula, the colonists were, without intending it, bringing the Homogenocene to North America.  Jamestown was a brushfire in a planetary ecological conflagration.”

– Charles C Mann, 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created

This is what happens when a journalist writes a history book.  I need a bigger spoon!

Having been to Jamestown just before the season when the camp was set, I get shivers thinking about it.  Brilliant blue skies over the mighty James river, fresh warm air, tall trees all around, after weeks and weeks of nothing but the Atlantic in sight.  Case in point though, who knows what the trees were like back then.  Still, the colonists arrived at what looked as the Atlanticist paradise, and then a couple of months later, all hell broke loose.  And then some more.