If You Really Want It…

Amber played live music in Janet’s class this morning.  I hadn’t seen either for months.  It was good.  It was a large class, maybe 100 people: Janet had been out of town. Continue reading “If You Really Want It…”


To Hold Space

Our yoga psychology teacher gave us homework: to write personal code of conduct for close relationships with students.  There is of course the Yoga Alliance Code of Conduct, and, at the basic level, the boundaries are clear.  But it quickly becomes non-trivial.  What if teaching is a huge part of your life, and the main place where you meet like-minded people?  What if you do run into someone special, whatever that may mean.  What if, you know, you are human sometimes?  How close is too close anyway?  And why?  No, not because it’s written somewhere, but for real – why? Continue reading “To Hold Space”