A Shameful Secret

This morning I met with a nearly stranger in order to tell her about a fling I had a few years ago.

To tell was the right thing to do for our community.  I also wanted to do that for myself. Continue reading “A Shameful Secret”


Rites of Passage

You will not read this.

Turns out, when I wrote here in the past, I did that a little bit for you, because I knew you read what I wrote.  That was one of the ways you loved me.

Joseph Campbell compares rites of passage, myths, and dreams.

The rites and myths have become mythical.  Nobody cancelled what they framed though: the passage.  Continue reading “Rites of Passage”


To state the obvious, much has been going wrong lately.  Much has been going right, too, of course, but still, all the personal grief and loss, all the terror and despair in the news created a dark cloud that was hard to see through.  Plus, my body going into the deep fall part of the cycle.  It was not going to be a good week. Continue reading “Normalcy”

About the Doors

What was that about one door closing, another opening?  Does it really work that way?  Does it?  I slammed that one door before.  Slamming doesn’t work too well.  It didn’t.  The door cracked open.  Whatever was to stay behind it, didn’t.  I had to go back, against that all, and close it again, this time mindfully and firmly.

Oh how hard that was.  No cracks, no air, no light.

I turned around to make the first step in that choking darkness.  There you stood, shining, strong, beautiful, beloved by many.   Continue reading “About the Doors”

Large Social Gatherings

There is something I dislike about being at large social gatherings. By “large” I mean more than two or three people.

I have blamed not liking those on noise, on my introversion, on this or that person. Others have brought up my dietary preferences and similar silliness.

What it is though, is that, even if dime large gatherings are rather nice, with a few executions, I feel terribly alone there.