No Purpose, Purpose

As I wrote before, I resigned from my work two weeks ago and I don’t have a particular purpose.  Except I do. Continue reading “No Purpose, Purpose”


Thanks for Inspiring the Break

The readers with whom I spoke recently in person know that I am planning to take a break from work soon. Haven’t told the work yet. This is the first time I am (gingerly) putting this in (somewhat) public writing.

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Grievance #2: the Greysteels

With this entry, the aspiring series that started with yesterday’s post becomes an actual series, in which I comment on what I was sad to miss in the (quite decent overall) BBC TV series “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”, compared to the wonderful original book.

This post today, apart from a fangirl rant, is also a commentary on what may be a fundamental difference between what’s captivating on screen vs. on paper and, I would posit, in life.

If you haven’t read the book, here is your minor spoiler alert.   Continue reading “Grievance #2: the Greysteels”

Arroyo Seco Dinner Grace

Over the Labor Day weekend, I went backpacking in the Arroyo Seco river.  I am not much into backpacking, hadn’t done that in over a decade in fact.  This one sounded easy enough though: about 10 miles in 3 days along the riverbed with nice pools to swim in, under the trees and other pretty nature.  Ten miles is nothing, right?  Various people from the same crowd have done this for years, we’ve heard.  Usually, in 2 days, we’ve heard. Continue reading “Arroyo Seco Dinner Grace”