Grievance #2: the Greysteels

With this entry, the aspiring series that started with yesterday’s post becomes an actual series, in which I comment on what I was sad to miss in the (quite decent overall) BBC TV series “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”, compared to the wonderful original book.

This post today, apart from a fangirl rant, is also a commentary on what may be a fundamental difference between what’s captivating on screen vs. on paper and, I would posit, in life.

If you haven’t read the book, here is your minor spoiler alert.   Continue reading “Grievance #2: the Greysteels”

So I Watched a TV Series Based on a Favorite Book

I binge watched a TV series based on one of my favorite books the other weekend.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell“, the epic 2004 novel by Susanna Clarke, was made into a 7 episode TV series (about 1 hour each episode) by the BBC (2015).

The book is not for everyone.   Continue reading “So I Watched a TV Series Based on a Favorite Book”