The Mourning Moon

Devon from the Teacher Training invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a small gathering, 8 people around the table, mostly Devon’s local close friends and loved ones, only Derek (Caroline’s friend) and I relative strangers.

As we dine, the sun sets, we eat by candlelight. Continue reading “The Mourning Moon”


A Path of Destruction

I am hungry for closeness, emotional and physical.  I am hungry, but it’s OK.  This is a lean time, a time to fast.  I subsist on the breadcrumbs I pick here and there.

And here you show up with what appears like food.  It smells nice.  It looks nice.  It’s so close, I can feel the warmth and can’t resist taking a bite: it’s tasty.

But I know it’s poison.  And you know that, too.  How can you not?


Our second stop for Nina’s birthday dinner is a possibly overrated and definitely overcrowded bakery in the Mission.  It’s a chilly Sunday twilight though, so we manage to find sitting at a communal table for all six of us together.  Somebody mentions this new chocolate place in Palo Alto.  Somebody mentions that new mac-n-cheese place in Oakland.  St John speculates that with this trend for highly specialized places, soon there will be a place that serves Continue reading “Mac-n-Cheese”

Чай с печеньем

Пару недель назад я прочитала статью про русскую фотомодель, которая покончила с собой.  Как Дороти Хейл, выпрыгнула из окна дома в Нью-Йорке.

Девушка – не только красавица, но и умница.   Continue reading “Чай с печеньем”