To state the obvious, much has been going wrong lately.  Much has been going right, too, of course, but still.  All the personal grief and loss, all the terror and despair in the news created a dark cloud that was hard to see through.  North California wildfires filled the air with smoke, making breathing dubious.  My body was going into the deep fall part of the cycle.  It was not going to be a good week.

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The Mourning Moon

Devon from the Teacher Training invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a small gathering, 8 people around the table, mostly Devon’s local close friends and loved ones, only Derek (Caroline’s friend) and I relative strangers.

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A Path of Destruction

I am hungry for closeness, emotional and physical.  I am hungry, but it’s OK.  This is a lean time, a time to fast.  I subsist on the breadcrumbs I pick here and there.

And here you show up with what appears like food.  It smells nice.  It looks nice.  It’s so close, I can feel the warmth and can’t resist taking a bite: it’s tasty.

But I know it’s poison.  And you know that, too.  How can you not?


Our second stop for Nina’s birthday dinner is a possibly overrated and definitely overcrowded bakery in the Mission.  It’s a chilly Sunday twilight though, so we manage to find sitting at a communal table for all six of us together.  Somebody mentions this new chocolate place in Palo Alto.  Somebody mentions that new mac-n-cheese place in Oakland.  St John speculates that with this trend for highly specialized places, soon there will be a place that serves Continue reading “Mac-n-Cheese”

Чай с печеньем

Пару недель назад я прочитала статью про русскую фотомодель, которая покончила с собой.  Как Дороти Хейл, выпрыгнула из окна дома в Нью-Йорке.

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