I Dream of Water

Here, it’s dry, windy, hilly.  The brown earth is dry under the feet.  The wind blows dry air through the brown grass on the hills, through the hair, under the clothes, under the skin.

Even when it’s foggy, it’s dry.  The wind blows the fog away.  Continue reading “I Dream of Water”

Grey Hair

“I envy your grey hair,” says Tom.

We are walking down the street, Tom, two french ladies, and I, surveying the neighborhood, chatting, our pairings rearrange occasionally.  Now Tom is on my embellished side, and, apparently, he’s been checking it out. Continue reading “Grey Hair”

So Many Colors and So Much Beauty

It’s a beautiful sunny day in May.  I am seven and a half years old. My first year of school is almost over.  We had the finals last week, and now it’s just day trips, games outside, and going over the summer homework.  I am the best at reading in my class, because I can read 120 words a minute, measured by a little cute sand clock. Continue reading “So Many Colors and So Much Beauty”