The Meaning of Life: A Working Hypothesis

И они приняли рабочую гипотезу, что счастье в непрерывном познании неизвестного, и смысл жизни в том же.

Аркадий Стругацкий и Борис Стругацкий, Понедельник Начинается в Субботу

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How Can I Get Closer?

Tango attracts introverts and socially anxious people.  Many of us tangueros struggle with verbal communication and relationships.  That’s not immediately apparent, because at a typical milonga, there are conspicuously many people seemingly socializing.  Continue reading “How Can I Get Closer?”

The Usual Method

“Wake her how?” asked the middle-sized dwarf, hand still clutching his rock, for he thought in essentials.  “The usual method,” said the pot girl, and she blushed.  “Or so the tales have it.”  “Right,” said the tallest dwarf.  “So, bowl of cold water poured on the face and a cry of ‘Wakey! Wakey!’?”

– Neil Gaiman, The Sleeper and the Spindle

What’s So Special about Sean

As I am about to take the basic yoga teacher training, I reflect on my own favorite teachers and what makes them so.

This past weekend, I went to two yoga classes, one, taught by Sean, another one, by someone else.  Both were productive and enjoyable.  Both teachers are thoughtful, intelligent, dedicated, and competent.  Both are well spoken, kind, and handsome :-).

There were more than 50 students in Sean’s class.  There were 13 students in the other class.   Continue reading “What’s So Special about Sean”