I Dream of Water

Here, it’s dry, windy, hilly.  The brown earth is dry under the feet.  The wind blows dry air through the brown grass on the hills, through the hair, under the clothes, under the skin.

Even when it’s foggy, it’s dry.  The wind blows the fog away.  Continue reading “I Dream of Water”

Two Minutes

This past weekend in the alignment class at the yoga teacher training, we practiced seeing and being seen.

We got split into buddy pairs.   The first exercise was to stand in front of each other in tadasana (mountain pose) and look at each other.  Then we took turns to touch each other gently around the alignment points.  Then, in turns, one person, the “lookee”, stood still, another, the “looker”, was guided to observe the lookee, from all four sides, from feet up, mostly looking, with gentle feeling touch here and there. Continue reading “Two Minutes”