Grievance #3: Childermass and the Raven King

Last week, I started a series of posts (#1, #2) in which I comment on what I was sad to miss in the (quite decent overall) BBC TV series “Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell”, compared to the wonderful original book.

Like the second post in the series, today’s post is also a commentary on the feelings nearly impossible to project on the screen vs. paper, vs. living them.

Unlike the second post in the series, take this major spoiler alert if you haven’t read the book and there is even a remote possibility that you would.

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So I Watched a TV Series Based on a Favorite Book

I binge watched a TV series based on one of my favorite books the other weekend.

Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell“, the epic 2004 novel by Susanna Clarke, was made into a 7 episode TV series (about 1 hour each episode) by the BBC (2015).

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