A Companion to Unmaking

This is a prosaic companion post to “Unmaking“.

That post was about learning to not love somebody I chose to adore for years, and how surprisingly easy it was, once decided.

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One of those days after you pushed me away for the last time and before you knew that time was the last, I watched a recording of Peter Rollins’s online seminar titled “Giving the Unwanted Gift of Nothing“.  The gift being love.

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The Bell

I have developed a bit of celebrity crush lately.  Have been listening to this guy’s lectures and interviews; had my mind blown; can’t get enough; wonder if what I hear is crazy, or enlightened, or both; wonder if he is attractive in person or as a person.  The answer to that last bit: not necessarily, probably troubled; it is kinda fun to wonder though, because the age range is right, and the geography not entirely prohibitive.  

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