Good Mornings, Battleship, Mules

As with most of my semi epic adventures, I went pretty far considering I didn’t bring enough food or water.   Continue reading “Good Mornings, Battleship, Mules”


New and Familiar

Light grey drizzle clouds above me, I swim backstroke. It’s half past 6 in the evening, the air temperature 5.6 Cº.  There isn’t a worry on my mind.  Not about money, not about food, not about my body.  The stuck places in the shoulders get unstuck, the phalanges float freely, the water carries my weight.  The water is lukewarm: just fine for swimming.

I could do this every day.  In fact I might.  Continue reading “New and Familiar”

Plans for When I Have Company

I spotted a picnic table in a Reykjavik park. Framed by low trees, it stood, sturdy and sunlit, off a lakefront pedestrian path. It would be so nice for a late spring picnic, I thought. With thermos tea and portable sandwiches. With someone special, romantically special or just life special.

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Satya and Looking for a Job while You Have One (or Not)

I am taking an online course called “Living the 8 Limbs of Yoga” with Janet Stone right now. The second week was dedicated to Satya, “truthfulness”, and it was released to us the students the day I turned in my resignation at work.

Around the same time, I heard somebody state: “It’s always better to look for a job while you still have one.” It wasn’t said to me directly and the person saying that wasn’t aware of my circumstances, so I just privately found that amusing. Is it always better? Always better?

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