Christchurch Seven and a Half Years after the Earthquake

Christchurch left me with a feeling of early spring, when it’s still chilly at dawn but the sun is definitely warm in the late morning.  When the snow crocus shoots appear, when the buds swell and the light green tiny leaves unfurl. Before the allergies, before the bugs emerge, way before the days start getting shorter. Continue reading “Christchurch Seven and a Half Years after the Earthquake”


Split Vertically

The picture was taken in Oxford, early Spring

The picture was taken in Oxford, early Spring

The man-made wall is (presumably) ancient, solid, dead.  The tree, the sky, the bird are light and transient.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.”

May in Portland

Walking around in the residential area abloom off Alberta Street has been one the highlights of the Portland Tango Marathon.

Love Letter to the Work Commute, in Pictures

Taking a bike to work turns most of the commute into a  pleasant holiday (and, secondarily, a justification to renounce the gym)

Not to be taken for granted.