Lack of Enthusiasm

The Indians saw no reason to participate in this scheme and expressed their lack of enthusiasm by riddling the invaders with poisoned arrows.

– Charles C Mann, 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created

Two Minutes

This past weekend in the alignment class at the yoga teacher training, we practiced seeing and being seen.

We got split into buddy pairs.   The first exercise was to stand in front of each other in tadasana (mountain pose) and look at each other.  Then we took turns to touch each other gently around the alignment points.  Then, in turns, one person, the “lookee”, stood still, another, the “looker”, was guided to observe the lookee, from all four sides, from feet up, mostly looking, with gentle feeling touch here and there. Continue reading “Two Minutes”

Something Like a Mirror

“Вы говорили, что ближний мир всякого человека – что-то вроде зеркала.  И когда обнаруживаешь, что вокруг сплошь никчемные идиоты, впору задуматься, почему это вдруг у прекрасного и удивительного меня столь неприглядные отражения…”

Макс Фрай, Ключ из жёлтого металла

Translation (by yours truly): Continue reading “Something Like a Mirror”

A Reminder, a Current Theme, an Alt Tango etc: Courtney Barnett’s Debut Album Review of Sorts

Most of the music I am exposed to these days is whatever I hear at the milongas (tango), the Classical Revolution (classical), and whatever I already have.  I often choose podcasts over music as the commute/ chores/ solo walks background.  Occasionally, there is a new music review bit on the Fresh Air.  Most of it I don’t find appealing enough to go back to.

The piece on Courtney Barnett‘s debut album “Sometimes I Sit and Think and Sometimes I Just Sit” was a refreshing exception, because of the uncompromising authentic voice and poetry. Continue reading “A Reminder, a Current Theme, an Alt Tango etc: Courtney Barnett’s Debut Album Review of Sorts”