About Grandpa Sasha

My mama visited for a couple of weeks in October.  As we drove back from the road trip South, in the Valley, the boring part, I asked, randomly, if grandpa Sasha, her father, went to college.  Grandpa died while mama was pregnant with me, so I didn’t get to meet him.  Heard this and that about him, but not much since I’ve grown up.

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Weird Families. Where Leaders Are Made

Do You Have Any Family Here?

A new acquaintance would soon ask about my family.  “They are all back in Saint Petersburg,” I’d say, “…No, no one in the States, all by myself.”  It doesn’t seem weird to me.  It must seem weird, because I haven’t met many other people likewise removed from any family, not lately.  “Do you visit them often then?” the small talk would continue.  Last time, 3 years ago, and then 10 years before that.

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Stories are Monsters. Part 3 (of 3).



This is Part 3 about haunting stories. Links to the beginning: Part 1, Part 2.

Part 3.  The family story

On a Sunday morning, I call Mom on Skype.  She is babysitting nephew.  Several days prior, I called for Mom’s birthday, from work, Skype on my cell; the connection was bad, and then it broke and I went back to work.

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