Thank You Ride #3: the Other Side of the Mountain

Rain was in the forecast for today and the next few days. Even the official AIDS LifeCycle training ride I signed up for got cancelled, and I was resolved to take it easy until the storm passes.

But then this morning I felt a little restless, it wasn’t raining much, and I had an errand outside anyway. Also, last night’s post left me wondering about the other side of San Bruno Mountain. One thing led to another and… today’s cycling day, some 18 miles, is dedicated to David, who was the third sponsor to support my participation in AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA, June 2-8, 2019. In a previous post, I tell more about this endeavor and the thank you posts.

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Could Have Left

On my second day in Split, Croatia, I went to the park that both my guidebook and the Air BnB host recommended.

A trail running along the paved road at the North side of the park was just a few yards into the pine trees, only a little relief from the heat of the day or the late Saturday morning street traffic. Still, I was the only person on the trail at first. Continue reading “Could Have Left”

A List of Irrational Fears

Yesterday morning I gave a two weeks notice at work. I don’t have another job lined up. I am not even going to look until end of August. I didn’t have to resign – in a way.

I don’t have a good story to tell or any particularly noble aspirations. I’m just taking a break.

While this sounds exciting and luxurious, it’s also, as I’ve said before, scary and unsettling.

In the following ways.

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