Stories are Monsters. Part 3 (of 3).



This is Part 3 about haunting stories. Links to the beginning: Part 1, Part 2.

Part 3.  The family story

On a Sunday morning, I call Mom on Skype.  She is babysitting nephew.  Several days prior, I called for Mom’s birthday, from work, Skype on my cell; the connection was bad, and then it broke and I went back to work.

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In December, a couple of weeks before a long solo drive from the Bay Area to San Diego, I drove straight into a pole at my then apartment parking lot.  Sober (of course) and relatively undistracted (take my word for it).  Apart from the minor annoyance of having to get the car fixed, that was also a minor experience of “I can’t live like this any more” (love those!).  So, I started playing brain training games on, the website I’ve heard about on the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast.  Incidentally, I signed a lease for an apartment in San Francisco about a week after driving into the pole, but that topic deserves its own development, so back to Lumosity. Continue reading “Lumosity”