One minute and thirty-five seconds into this podcast (the RobCast, by Rob Bell) you would hear Peter Rollins say this:  Continue reading “Rendering”


Playing with Trees

Every Saturday morning, November through June, except maybe holidays, the Tree Team goes out to plant trees in Oakland.  The work is acknowledged by the City of Oakland; a couple of organizers get paid (from grants – nominally, I suspect) for all the planning and coordination that goes into it; most of the work force is voluntary.  I join once a month or so, some months more than others. Continue reading “Playing with Trees”

So Many Colors and So Much Beauty

It’s a beautiful sunny day in May.  I am seven and a half years old. My first year of school is almost over.  We had the finals last week, and now it’s just day trips, games outside, and going over the summer homework.  I am the best at reading in my class, because I can read 120 words a minute, measured by a little cute sand clock. Continue reading “So Many Colors and So Much Beauty”

Stories are Monsters. Part 1 (of 3)

This is Part 1 of a series about the stories we tell ourselves.  Except, the phrase “we tell ourselves” understates their monstrosity.  As if we can just choose to tell them.  As if we can choose to not tell them, just like that.  As if we can always see them for what they are – or ever. A cannon detail, the Tower of London Continue reading “Stories are Monsters. Part 1 (of 3)”


In December, a couple of weeks before a long solo drive from the Bay Area to San Diego, I drove straight into a pole at my then apartment parking lot.  Sober (of course) and relatively undistracted (take my word for it).  Apart from the minor annoyance of having to get the car fixed, that was also a minor experience of “I can’t live like this any more” (love those!).  So, I started playing brain training games on, the website I’ve heard about on the Stuff You Missed in History Class podcast.  Incidentally, I signed a lease for an apartment in San Francisco about a week after driving into the pole, but that topic deserves its own development, so back to Lumosity. Continue reading “Lumosity”