Doored and Moved

I got doored yesterday, for the first time.

The opening sentence could have described a much more unfortunate event than what actually happened.  

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See You Next Christmas

When I first met you last August on a bike outing, I quite liked you.  We had important similarities and you were pleasant and handsome.  I started going to the milongas where you went and texting you occasionally. I flirted with you for several weeks, you seemed to enjoy that for the most part and flirted back – maybe, but didn’t exactly take it anywhere, so I gave up. Continue reading “See You Next Christmas”

Good Luck Symbols and Dragons

Devon from the Teacher Training invited me over for Thanksgiving dinner.  It was a small gathering, 8 people around the table, mostly Devon’s local close friends and loved ones.

Devon’s friend Caroline noted how we’ve arrived from different places, and how pairs and triple of us have all sorts of experiences in common.  Only two of the diners were born in California, Caroline and Devon’s teenage son.  This lead to origin stories. Continue reading “Good Luck Symbols and Dragons”

Love Letter to the Work Commute, in Pictures

Taking a bike to work turns most of the commute into a  pleasant holiday (and, secondarily, a justification to renounce the gym)

Not to be taken for granted.