Thank You Ride #19: Unplugged

I breathe in deeply. I drink in the eucaliptus smell, the fresh early morning air. My eyes drink in the lush green of the tree canopy above, the true blue of the early morning sky, my shadow riding the shadow of my bicycle next to me.

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Thank You Ride #16: Over the Mountain

In a previous thank you ride, I tried cycling from San Francisco to South San Francisco around the western slopes of San Bruno Mountain instead of Visitacion Valley and then along the Bay, and discovered that the other side of the mountain route was much more pleasant and only marginally more difficult. What’s the next step? Over the mountain, of course!

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Thank You Ride #13: Different Bodies of Water

Several recent rides I wrote about to thank my AIDS Life Cycle sponsors had a lot of San Francisco Bay in them. For instance, #11 and #10. My ride last Sunday took me to different bodies of water. The ride was dedicated to another anonymous sponsor with whom we at some point shared a view of San Diego Bay. We also shared many delightful conversations, some of them of mystical nature.

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Thank You Ride #12: All Things

I signed up for AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile ride from SF to LA June 2-8 2019, because it sounded like an overall neat accomplishment for a lifetime: worthwhile cause, challenging but achievable, cool route to take, a pretext to develop skills and attitude I wanted anyway. Of course, it would have been naïve to assume that would be smooth riding all the time.

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