The Giver

As we dance the other night, you feel nimble and well rested, and you smell like you are attracted to me, although I am not sure if that’s really me or someone else.  Your right shoulder cracks just a little bit. 

During the performance break I find a nice high perch to sit on, you stand nearby.  I motion you to come closer, closer.   Continue reading “The Giver”

Being Seen

In the past few days, I’ve been wondering if all the leadership and connection challenges in several areas of my life are worth the effort.  That’s a lot: being strong and flexible, understanding and vulnerable yet grounded, supportive yet trusting; setting the clearest expectations possible and welcoming the reality possibly richer than the expectations; caring enough to connect and inspire yet not so much as to despair.  That’s a lot, and much of that feels like a foreign language. Continue reading “Being Seen”