Where to

It’s almost a year since we had arrived to our first session together, on a Friday night.  We would spend together eight hours of most weekends over the next 5 months, but on that night, we were still strangers.

On that night, a year ago, I got there early.  The first people I met were Janet and Ashley.  They were likewise early.  The studio was closed, so we went around the block for a cup of tea.  The tea had spices in it. Continue reading “Where to”


The waiting room is the Live Oak lodge’s porch.  I wait, slouched on a wooden chair, feet up on the railing, gaze North East and skyward.  To my left, UMa is dipping big time; straight ahead, the Cassiopeia is rising, Perseus follows her.  The Saturn has gone direct today, or so the shaman said.

A meteor shoots just over the horizon.  Soon there will be more of them.  Sunny walks out of the lodge.   “You are up,” she says.  Into the lodge, and up the stairs, to the loft, I go. Continue reading “Healing”