Studying Hard

Tomorrow, I have my first test in yoga teacher training, so this morning, I figured, I’d go practice and study in the Golden Gate park before today’s class.

The practice went very well.  Here is the breakdown, once I got to the park.

30 seconds of arriving at a nice spot.  I had found it previously; it’s perfect: flat, lots of grass, some sunshine, some shadow from trees and bushes, a bit away from the trails, but close to trails intersecting, so easily accessible.  I place a beach towel on the ground, a yoga mat on top of it, and I am good to go.  Surprisingly, nobody else hangs out there.  That’s probably because animals live there.  There were holes in the ground made likely by animals.

30 seconds of reflecting on how wonderful it is to live in San Francisco: it was beautiful and warm, despite almost November.

20 minutes of taking selfies and choosing the best one to post on Facebook.

17 minutes of actual meditation.  I set the clock for 15 minutes, didn’t hear the alarm, but then felt the 16 minute mark.

Time not measured, maybe a dozen of Sun Salutations, Classical, A, and B.  The first handful silent, some with breath retention, the last handful narrated in Sanskrit and English.

5 minutes of checking the response to the selfie posted on Facebook.

5-10 minutes of reviewing my somewhat pathetic (so far!) asana flashcards.

5 more minutes of looking around and reflecting on how unbelievably amazing it is to live in San Francisco as I ate an apple and some nuts.  During those 5 minutes, a couple of humans with a couple of medium-small dogs arrived on the same lawn.  The dogs were very much interested in the bushes I sat by.  Must have been because of the animals in the bushes.

I highly recommend studying in the Park!

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