Red-headed Geminis

(Found within 26 May 2014)

Baby Tom and his twin were born on June *, 197*, in California.

When the twins were almost two and in Alaska, where they would grow up,baby Tigger was born nearly half a longitudinal turn away.  His parents would get divorced when he was still a youngster Tigger.  That might have triggered his desperation to be a good overachieving Tigger, which he perchance could be and was, while infinitely failing to be.

On Tom’s 17th birthday (he was probably graduating high school – TBC, – as I was leaving the normal school, on the opposite point of the 60th parallel north), in Florida, baby Kid was born.  A first born to a beautiful mother whom he had grown to look like, 6 years older than her husband, 10 more years left.

We dance in the same rooms now.

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