The Bright Stars

A note from July.

Last week, one of the inspiring toastmasters in our club announced that he would be moving on to other opportunities. This Monday morning, I’ve learned that one of the bright stars that shot through my early adulthood fell – under a train, by accident, more than a year ago:

(А я встречалась с Ваней и Федей в Крыму: они проездом остановились с нами и детьми и даже дали концерт.  Был барабан.  Ваня орал, да.)

In the past two weeks, I’ve made a new beautiful friend, deepened another friendship, and started a promising learning relationship.

These and other people I’m just getting to know or haven’t even met yet may be the bright stars of my today and tomorrow. I keep my mind and heart open to them.

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