Thank You Ride #8: Team Tango Rides the Iron Horse Trail

This Monday’s training ride in preparation for AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA that takes place June 2-8, 2019, is dedicated to my tango friend Mary, who generously supported not only my participation, but also that of our other tango friends! (In a previous post, I tell more about my participation in AIDS LifeCycle and the thank you rides.)

Of course today was dedicated to Mary, because the entire Team Tango (it’s a semi-official team, we tango people have occasional commitment issues) plus a couple other tango dancers went on this ride together. Mary’s support went a long way today.

From the very beginning we were quite impressive for tango people! We started at 9 AM sharp all the way in Dublin Pleasanton, so we could ride the Iron Horse Trail. Pretty much all the way, the trail consist of long straight stretches, there is hardly any elevation change, and there is a lot of greenery.

Here is the picture of AIDS LifeCycle Team Tango minus me who is taking the picture with my handheld phone while keeping up. Mark gave us a safety briefing that we were not allowed to die on this ride, but I was only risking my phone’s life, so that’s OK
We stopped for lunch after about an hour. Five of the six of us wore helmets, but we made sure everyone is represented on this picture

Yet again, this ride was an example of how the training is a worthwhile experience in itself, a chance to explore unfamiliar neighborhoods and sights. I was pretty sure I never went this far inland to explore the Bay Area until Mark pointed out Mt. Diabolo and I remembered that I was there once before. On my first visit to San Francisco, back in 2002, when I still lived near Baltimore, my friend Inky and I met in San Francisco, and we took BART as close to Mt. Diabolo as we could and explored it quite a bit. The reasons for that are lost in history if they ever existed. The way Inky is, could have been an adventure for the adventure’s sake.

A picture from my first exploration of far East Bay, Mt. Diabolo, 2002

This time, we rode about 25 miles on Iron Horse Trail until it sort of ended, then we turned around. Some of us, including me, rode another 4-5 miles and called it a day at a BART station. So my total for the day was probably 30 miles, counting the afternoon errands. The rest of Team Tango went all the way back where we started, for a total of 50 miles!

Here is a picture of the five of the six tango people on today’s ride. I am behind the camera and on the firm ground this time. Even when the neighborhood gets residential and the trail busy, it’s still pretty!

It was a wonderful, easy ride and a great way to socialize (talk when you want to, just ride when you don’t). It’s a long BART ride to get to the trail, yet I would definitely go back there! With right timing, there is not much craziness on BART and nice views out of window for a large part of the journey. We are lucky to have access to so much recreation in Bay Area all year round!


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