Thank You Ride #2: Tunnel to Sierra Point

Today’s cycling day is dedicated to JE, who was the second sponsor to support my participation in AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA, June 2-8, 2019. In a previous post, I tell more about this endeavor and the thank you posts.

A participant in AIDS LifeCycle faces two major challenges. One is to be in good physical shape to ride 545 miles in 7 days. Another, to raise a large sum of money by asking for donations. This latter challenge is in a way more daunting to me, because, well, I am asking for money, and the result is out of my control. It’s silly to be so concerned about asking, because the donations go to two great organizations in whose missions I strongly believe, and any amount helps, but still. As for not being in control… JE was one of the first people who contributed to to AIDS LifeCycle through my page; she responded to my first no-targeted facebook post. While we have a lot in common, we haven’t stayed in touch in the last few years, and it was a great reminder for me that generosity and good will just are, no need to control.

Just like yesterday, today’s ride was about 9.5 miles to work, SF to South SF, in the morning; 3 miles from work to South SF BART late afternoon. Plus just under a mile each way to food trucks for lunch. I wore gloves and it was a little bit warmer in the morning anyway.

Today I want to share the most beautiful parts of the ride. Once you get through the slums and warehouses, then through far southern neighborhood of San Francisco, there is an approximately 3 mile stretch of frontage roads that next to a major highway, US-101, but is much emptier and much more beautiful than the highway. And yet, if not for biking, I would have never known.

I took this first picture soon after getting onto this stretch, Tunnel Avenue close to SF City border, the first view of the open space. Caltrain tracks are immediately to the right. Further to the right is San Bruno Mountain. Once I get bored with this route, I’ll explore going to work around the other side of the mountain. That would add a couple of miles and a couple of hundred feet of elevation gain; good for training

Tunnel Avenue near SF City line

The only problem, the pavement here is really bad. I need to brace myself and look out for potholes. Not for long though. Tunnel Avenue takes one to Brisbane lagoon. Sierra Point Parkway runs along a narrow stretch of land between San Francisco Bay and the lagoon.

On the next picture, the lagoon is to the right, and US-101 runs parallel to this road on the left, just behind the low trees. The black and orange sign tells the highway drivers how far to various destinations given the current traffic. The current traffic is not a concern here though.

Sierra Point Parkway and Brisbane Lagoon

To be fair, the views off the highway are pretty nice along this stretch as well. But you don’t get to stop and explore.

I stopped again by a little nook of the lagoon, because I saw a bunch of American coots on the shore. My presence alarmed the birds and they all got into the water, which looked picturesque, so here.

American coots, Brisbane Lagoon

See why I am glad to have an excuse to bike more?

Extra bonus, Friday being a Moveable Feast Food Truck Day, having a bicycle helps getting to lunch faster.

The author highly recommends the #mesooTOFU after a nice morning bike ride

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