Plans for When I Have Company

I spotted a picnic table in a Reykjavik park. Framed by low trees, it stood, sturdy and sunlit, off a lakefront pedestrian path. It would be so nice for a late spring picnic, I thought. With thermos tea and portable sandwiches. With someone special, romantically special or just life special.

I came here to try and see Northern Lights. I haven’t yet. It’s been cloudy and bus tour to see them was cancelled a lot. Day tours go ahead rain or shine though. On a day tour along the South shore, we were stopping along the way to sightsee; a few minutes to an hour to explore each stop. It would be so nice to take a longer trip, allowing time to hike a little longer, to stay the night here and there. With a friend or two. Could have had more luck with the Northern Lights, too, away from the Reykjavik clouds and city lights. I highly recommend bus tours for solo travelers, especially those not fond of driving.

I have a dress at home. I bought it three years ago. It would be nice to wear on a date, should one materialize, I thought: a bit too sexy for work, not quite suitable for tango. Six month after I bought it, I wore to opera with a friend; not a date. The friend and I looked nice in our opera outfits. I wore it once more maybe, I forgot the occasion; not a date.

I scribbled these words first on a scrap piece of paper at a hipster coffee shop, sipping a pretty good poor over, as one does. A pretty good activity for a solo traveler. I don’t even make portable sandwiches any more.

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