Slow Clothing

Here is the inside (purl) and the outside (knit) of my current project, long fingerless gloves for myself, intended as a “swatch” for a bigger and even more “boring” item.


As far as knitting is concerned, this is simple and low on creativity points; it takes a while to make.
What I enjoy about this is the idea of making my own clothes and making them slowly, considering how easily available instant gratification is, and how often I succumb to that.
A friend once asked: “Why would you make your own fabric and take so long doing that?!”
Yep, that’s the whole point, and a joy in itself, all with the time it takes and tiny imperfections created along the way.
Making my own delicate and strong fabric here.

This was originally an Instagram post with a caption that got out of control and became more like a full written post

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