Thanks for Inspiring the Break

The readers with whom I spoke recently in person know that I am planning to take a break from work soon. Haven’t told the work yet. This is the first time I am (gingerly) putting this in (somewhat) public writing.

I made the decision in my heart around the time of this post, and have since made enough plans to prevent myself from chickening out. A general outline, I will take lots of “next level” yoga teacher training, travel some, and will aspire to not worry much about getting a new job for a few months.

While this sounds like lots of fun and it often will be, this is also scary. In this first of (hopefully) many posts about my upcoming “sabbatical” I would like to express gratitude to the many friends and acquaintances who inspired me by personal example. The gratitude doesn’t have to reach them any time soon in this physical form, it might sometime, it might never.

Anyways, in alphabetical order by first name we have:

Alex, who quit a presumably lucrative and definitely prestigious job at a well respected company to take a break and travel a bit.

Alex, who, after a few misfortunes, gave up looking for another well paid and reasonably creative desk job and is now a professional pilot, which he dreamed to be since he was a kid, which means for quite some time.

April, who, with her husband, retired early and took a few years to sail around the world. Then returned to the workforce. They still lived on the boat last time I spoke with her.

Bob, who quit a job and went to ride a motorbike in South America. The motor bike broke at some point and Bob was stuck in Peru for a couple of months, waiting for the parts to clear customs. Bob advised that I plan well, but not too much, and sent me “The Unbearable Lightness of Being” by Milan Kundera, to be read maybe within the first three weeks of the break and then when I am ready to come back.

Jonathan, who, upon being laid off due to a re-org, took the severance package, took it easy for a while and did lots of “next level” yoga teacher training.

Karen, who, upon being laid off due to a re-org, decided to not go back to work for a while, live slowly and modestly thanks to the severance package, and travel a bit. She stayed with me for a couple of nights during one of the shorter excursions, right around the time I decided I’d take a break. Could have catalyzed the decision.

Tiffany who quit an OK job that wasn’t bringing joy or purpose, took her savings, and went to study Ayurveda in Nevada City. This was difficult not only because of embracing uncertainty, but also because of family disapproval and disappointment, real or potential.

Tom, who demonstrated that one can be severely underemployed and nearly destitute for a while, while still maintaining a substantial amount of dignity and high opinion of oneself.

Yvonne, who, as a recent teacher training graduate, among much uncertainty in her life, quit a decent advertising job to become a full time yoga instructor.

Thank you, brave souls, and wish me luck!

If anybody reading this recognizes themselves or someone close to them and wishes for their narrative to be corrected, please get in touch: you know where to find me

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