Sing with me, call and I’ll respond

Play your drums

Dance with me in close embrace

Dance slowly into my open spaces, and I’ll dance into yours

Dance as fast as the music moves you on our open floor

Tell me your stories, slowly, thoughtfully

Walk with me, sit with me, laugh with me

Hold my hands, my left hand in your delicate right hand, your left in my right

Look into my eyes, let me look into yours, linger

Step your small bare feet on mine, sole to sole

Hold the back of my head, hold the back of my heart

Kiss me gently on the cheek, kiss me gently on my lips

Hold my flickering light within your steady one

Goddesses, I summon you to my side.  Hold me on the ground as I step into the storm

ॐ दुं दुर्गायै नमः

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