Bow from the Heart

The first pose was Anahatasana in Janet’s class this morning, the heart chakra pose.  The guru mantra led to that.  I bow toward all the great teachers.

In Anahatasana, we bowed from the back of the heart toward all those who have passed through our hearts.  We bowed from the inside of the heart toward all the beings.  We bowed from the front of the heart toward the seeds of new beginnings.

In my last dream this morning, I placed my right hand onto your back, onto the back of your heart.  This time you accepted.  You leaned into my hand, like we lean, with our open hearts, into the hands of the teachers who came before us, like we bow with the back of our open hearts toward those who have passed through.

In Janet’s class this morning, I bowed toward you, with my heart open, like we do toward our teachers.

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