A Happy Place?

Harvey invites us to go to our “happy place”, as we lie down to close the practice, to close the class.  “Maybe a beach, maybe a top of a mountain, maybe a chaise lounge by a pool.”

A beach?  I am lying down now, but if I were on the beach, I would much rather swim and play with the waves.  No, not the beach.  The same goes for the pools.

A top of the mountain?  That’s closer, yes, maybe, depending on the road up there.  Are there birds?  Are there trees?  How much haze is over the 360 degree view?  I don’t know about the mountain top.

Perhaps, a kiss?  Those can be nice, but they usually come with all sorts of tangled strings attached.

A tango?  Yes, sometimes, but there we are moving again.  Except for the pauses, the stillness in between, but that gets too esoteric.

In fact, lying right here, on the mat, in a comfortable room, is quite happy.  After 3 hours of learning anatomy, practicing movement, and assisting, a lot is accomplished, the worries are hours behind.  I am surrounded by the people on the same journey; and a lot of good will is built.  Yes, this is happy, definitely beats the beach.

But if I have to look elsewhere…  Oh, found it.  This.  We sit next each other.  We don’t speak, because the music is playing.  We don’t dance either, because the music is for listening.  The musicians must be good, because I am entranced by the music.  We just sit next to each other.  Maybe our legs and shoulders touch comfortably, maybe my hand rests in yours.  Your touch feels warm, gentle, familiar.  Maybe we’ll come here again next week, maybe in a few months, maybe never again.  But for now, of all the beaches and mountains, of all the places, this turns out to be the happy one to go to.

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