DJ Vita

Vita is invited to make her debut as a local tango DJ in the Bay Area, with not one but two gigs in one weekend.  She accepts that graciously, as a favor, and as an honor. She takes care to prepare two completely different lists, no songs overlapping.  I, semi-jokingly, semi-teasingly, ask if she would take requests.  She has enough songs for OTV Temo and Intima tanda, but not Lo Vi En Tus Ojos.  She gets it from Alex though.

At the milonga Epoca, I am dancing with R.  We finish a tanda, and agree to dance another one.  That’s the last tanda.  I recognize the first song from OTV, and I wonder if this is my tanda.  Second song, Carillon de La Merced, I am beginning to melt.  And then – Lo Vi En Tus Ojos.  Over R’s shoulder, I spot Vita and thank her with a smile: not only she put together a tanda for me, she made sure that I danced it with one of the best leaders present.  She flashes a huge smile back at me.

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