Thank You Ride #14: the Cyclist Sees Her Shadow

Last week, I set a little personal record in my training for AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile ride from SF to LA, June 2-8 2019. I rode to work and back three times, making it over 60 miles in 5 work days. Two of those days I didn’t feel that great, so just got the miles in. The last of those three rides was a delight and it is dedicated to my friend Terry from Toastmasters.

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Thank You Ride #13: Different Bodies of Water

Several recent rides I wrote about to thank my AIDS Life Cycle sponsors had a lot of San Francisco Bay in them. For instance, #11 and #10. My ride last Sunday took me to different bodies of water. The ride was dedicated to another anonymous sponsor with whom we at some point shared a view of San Diego Bay. We also shared many delightful conversations, some of them of mystical nature.

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Thank You Ride #12: All Things

I signed up for AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile ride from SF to LA June 2-8 2019, because it sounded like an overall neat accomplishment for a lifetime: worthwhile cause, challenging but achievable, cool route to take, a pretext to develop skills and attitude I wanted anyway. Of course, it would have been naïve to assume that would be smooth riding all the time.

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Thank You Ride #11: Joy

On Thursday, I rode to work and back, and on the way back I took a detour along the Bay side edge of the East Side of South San Francisco instead of cutting across. I call this post “Joy”, because that was delightful, especially the detour. I also call it “Joy”, because this ride was dedicated to my friend Joy, one of the sponsors of my participation in AIDS LifeCycle. AIDS LifeCycle is a 545 mile ride from SF to LA, June 2-8 2019. You can read more about why I dedicate rides to my sponsors here and have a ride dedicated to you here. Or just keep reading.

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Thank You Ride #10. Paradise Loop

Even though I took my “free time” writing and other composing elsewhere for a few weeks (three speeches, three homework assignments, sequencing for my yoga classes… but who’s counting), the training for AIDS LifeCycle has been happening! It’s just that I didn’t make much time for pictures or writing about it.

The thank you rides are definitely not cancelled (you can read more about the idea here)! On the President’s day, I went for a ride with my friend Laura and ended up riding 50 miles. This ride was dedicated to one of my anonymous sponsors who is a talented candid portrait photographer. The day delivered excellent views for me to photograph in honor of this generous supporter! 

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