Opening up through words, letters, and whatever else comes up

I like words and the worlds they create. I grew up hiding there, behind books with words in them. At home, to be good was to be quiet.

I like handwritten letters.  I remember writing them since I was about 7 years old.  Writing home from grandma’s or the camp in the summer.  Writing to the best friends who left, one after another.  Writing home and to the best friends after I’ve left.

Several years ago, I stumbled upon: Argentine tango, toastmasters, mindfulness, yoga.  As a result, I started opening up, allowing myself to be present, seen, heard.  Allowing myself to receive life, to feel, to love.

I started this blog several to give voice to the feelings I wouldn’t express directly, as if I wrote letters, because writing helps crystallize thoughts and feelings.  Writing for an audience, even more so.  Writing letters, specifically so.  Now this is one more way for me to be creative and present, and I’ll just see where it can take me.

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