Being Seen

In the past few days, I’ve been wondering if all the leadership and connection challenges in several areas of my life are worth the effort.  That’s a lot: being strong and flexible, understanding and vulnerable yet grounded, supportive yet trusting; setting the clearest expectations possible and welcoming the reality possibly richer than the expectations; caring enough to connect and inspire yet not so much as to despair.  That’s a lot, and much of that feels like a foreign language. Continue reading “Being Seen”


20120915_NolaLast night, on my way to a milonga, I received a message from Kathy:

“I don’t know if you saw the post by <so and so> that Nola passed away this morning. We don’t know details but I know you were good friends and you were her mentor.”

I didn’t know that.  I knew that Nola was retired, so she must have been older than she appeared and lived, but no, I didn’t see that, didn’t see that coming.  She was 67.

Years ago Nola worked as a math teacher somewhere on the East Coast.  Continue reading “Nola”


Написано в третью субботу октября 2013 года

1948 или 1947 год.  Моя бабушка в твоем возрасте, пройдя войну, потеряв отца, беременная дочкой Тамарой, которая скоро умрет.  С тетей Аней на руках.  Со светом и любовью на следующие 63 года и, через меня, после.