An Example of Empathy

My apartment building has a roof access.  It’s a three story building in a low part of the city, and you can’t see the ocean from the roof, but you can see over plenty of rooftops.

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Another Perfect Saturday. Showing Up

“I am so incredibly lucky”, I thought, having scaled the last hill, Santa Clara Ave to Monterey Blvd, only 3 downhill miles of the City Loop left, and it wasn’t even noon yet. Continue reading “Another Perfect Saturday. Showing Up”

Love Letter to the Work Commute, in Pictures

Taking a bike to work turns most of the commute into a  pleasant holiday (and, secondarily, a justification to renounce the gym)

Not to be taken for granted.

Stories are Monsters. Part 2 (of 3), with Side Notes

This is Part 2 of a series about the monstrous stories we live with.  Link to Part 1 is here.

20120331_DC_006 Copying

Before I proceed, a side note: as I wrote this Monsters series, I came across this somewhat related post on learned helplessness by another blogger. It’s more scientific than my ramblings here, not like there is a competition 🙂 .  And now…

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Our second stop for Nina’s birthday dinner is a possibly overrated and definitely overcrowded bakery in the Mission.  It’s a chilly Sunday twilight though, so we manage to find sitting at a communal table for all six of us together.  Somebody mentions this new chocolate place in Palo Alto.  Somebody mentions that new mac-n-cheese place in Oakland.  St John speculates that with this trend for highly specialized places, soon there will be a place that serves Continue reading “Mac-n-Cheese”