The Birthday

This year, most of my birthday wishes came from the people, near and far, who asked/remembered when it was.  That was quietly pleasant.  I also had three celebrations, each in a party of two people, including myself.  Two people is one of my favorite party sizes right now, three is the other one!

Sixteen years ago, in Prague, Continue reading “The Birthday”

Social Experiments

A long time ago, I conducted two social experiments.  Or, “social installations” or “social provocations” perhaps, as the goals were not clearly defined.

1. A Little Shy Creature

Toward the end of my 8th grade, on one of the days when there were no classes, Continue reading “Social Experiments”


An Icebreaker speech for Panorama Toastmasters

People around us shape our lives more than we are willing to admit.  This talk is about just three of the many who affected mine.

When I was little, I would spend summers with my grandma, in Vyborg, north of St. Petersburg, Russia.  She would take me for long berry or mushroom foraging Continue reading “Connections”