Thank You Ride #21: the Snacks

Four weeks ago, I went on another official AIDS LifeCycle training ride, and rode about 75 miles total that day, including riding to and from the starting point in the Golden Gate Park.

Of the five official training rides I’ve gone so far (two written about, here and here, this one, and two not written about yet), this has been my favorite! We went South and so I didn’t have to ride over the Golden Gate Bridge in the afternoon, and didn’t have to negotiate the tip of the peninsula to get home from the bridge late in the day either! Instead, we headed from the Golden Gate Park to Woodside and back.

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Thank You Ride #20: the Hills

Thank you ride #20! Do you know what this means? That there have been at least twenty people there who contributed to the fundraising campaign in support of my participation for AIDS LifeCycle, a 545 mile bike ride from SF to LA June 2-8 2019.

In fact, there have been more people than that! And not only those who contributed, but also those who listened to me talk about AIDS LifeCycle, gone on training rides with me, and, of course read my posts here! Thank you: this really helps, because don’t we all forget that what we do matters?

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Thank You Ride #18: Self Study

Last Saturday, I finally made it to one of the official  AIDS LifeCycle Training Rides. The group ride was 63 miles; the total for the day approached 75, counting the trip from my home to the meeting place and back. The longest distance I ever rode in a day! By far.

The official meeting was at 8 AM at Chrissy Field. A bit early for a Saturday, but definitely an excellent time to ride through the city. Not much craziness anywhere yet.

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Thank You Ride #17: to Pacifica

I took Friday last week off from work, because I had yoga teacher training session all weekend, so thought I’d just take it easy in the morning and maybe get some training for AIDS LifeCycle in.

(You can read more about the thank you rides for the sponsors of my participation in this 545 mile ride from SF to LA, June 2-8, 2019 here. And you can sponsor me here.)

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